The Amazing Spider Man review

Ten years ago, Spider-Man with Tobey Maguire starring as the arachnid hero and Kristen Dunst as his love interest, Mary Jane, opened to rave reviews.

The first film in director Sam Raimi’s trilogy shattered box office reviews, earning an unheard of $114 million its first weekend alone.

Critics, naturally, thought it would be a hard act to follow.



“There is only one plot in all of fiction,” Peter Parker’s English teacher tells him near the end of Marc Webb’s ‘The Amazing Spider-Man.’ These words make an all-too-fitting conclusion to a story that’s essentially recycled from a ten-year-old movie which was itself repurposed from a forty-year-old comic book. If you go to the theater regularly enough these days, you see a marquee filled with remakes and sequels and prequels and (as in the case of ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’) reboots. It often does feel like there’s only one plot in movies.

And we’ve seen it already.

That singular plot, Peter’s informed, is “Who am I?” So who is ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’s’ Peter Parker? Other than the fact that he’s now played by ‘The Social Network’s’ Andrew Garfield and he perpetually carries around a skateboard, he’s basically the same Peter Parker Tobey Maguire played for Sam Raimi in three films over the last decade: dorky yet heroic, brave in the face of danger yet timid in the face of romance and a lonely brooder in his room yet a sarcastic wiseacre in his costume. Is there enough difference between the Maguire and Garfield Spider-Man, and between the Raimi and Webb ‘Spider-Man,’ to justify a full-scale reboot? Not really. The marketing has advertised this version as “The Untold Story” of Spider-Man’s origin. To me, it felt a lot more like the retold story.

Take the arc and motivations of Dr. Curt Connors, a.k.a. the super-villain The Lizard. He is, beat for beat, the exact same character as Norman Osborn, a.k.a. the super-villain The Green Goblin, from ‘Spider-Man.’ Like Osborn, Connors is a brilliant but overly ambitious scientist. Like Osborn, Connors is struggling to meet a deadline on his latest project, a formula that would enhance human tissue. Like Osborn, Connors uses himself as a test subject after becoming a mentor to the fatherless Peter Parker. Like Osborn, Connors’ serum gives him super-powers. Like Osborn, they also drive him insane. Like Osborn, he forces Spider-Man to rescue civilians he leaves danging beneath a New York City bridge. That, we can all agree, is a lot of “Like Osborn…”s.

Or how about Peter Parker’s transformation into Spider-Man? There are a few cosmetic differences — the spider that bites him comes courtesy of Connors and his lab’s stunningly lax security; professional wrestling plays a much smaller role — but they’re exactly that: cosmetic differences.

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The Raven review.

Intrepid Pictures’ The Raven is an ingenious web of fiction and history, based on the life of poet and author, Edgar Allan Poe.

It was many and many a year ago,
In a kingdom by the sea,
That a maiden there lived whom you may know
By the name of Annabel Lee

Edgar Allan Poe is the name that will ring in your ears when you hear these words. But what is amazing is that with the lucidity that he wrote such poems on love, life and death; he wrote grotesque and murderous short stories with the same ease.

Edgar Allan Poe (John Cusack), a poet, a short story writer, an alcoholic, a loner but desperately in love with Emily Hamilton (Alice Eve), has stopped writing murder mysteries for a while. Unaware of the happenings in the world around him, he drowns himself in alcohol and the hope for a future with Emily. A double murder has suddenly brought attention to Poe’s stories and Detective Fields (Luke Evans) summons him for questioning. Soon another murder takes place in the exact fashion as described in his story. On one hand, Poe’s stories form the basis of a killer’s murders; while on the other hand, the very stories turn out to be clues for the investigators to catch the psychopath.

Soon the killer decides to make Poe’s involvement more obvious and asks him to follow his lead if he ever wishes to see the love of his life, Emily, alive again. Helpless, Poe starts taking clues off of the bodies of the victims of the murderer. Each murder leads him one step closer to Emily. It is Poe and Detective Fields responsibility to stop each and every story of Poe from turning into a gruesome reality. Can they stop this lunatic? Can Poe save Emily? More importantly, can Poe ever forgive himself for writing such brutal murders and giving inspiration to a sick man? These questions are answered as the mystery unravels.

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Ice Age 4 review

The first Ice Age flick was one of the most entertaining entries in the CGI animated, Pixar inspired series of films that followed Toy Story. It didn’t have a lead character as recognisable as Shrek, but what it did have was a sweet core message and a satisfying focus on slapstick – thanks to the inspired Scrat. Used sparingly until now, he remains the most entertaining thing in a franchise now struggling for any semblance of originality.


Ice Age: Continental Drift will have its premiere on June 20, 2012, at the CineEurope film distributors’ trade fair in Barcelona. It will publicly premiere on June 27, 2012, in Belgium, and will be released on July 13, 2012, in the USA. The film will be accompanied by the short animated film The Longest Daycare featuring Maggie Simpson.

Ice Age: Continental Drift, (also known as Ice Age 4: Continental Drift or simply Ice Age 4) is an upcoming 2012 American 3-D computer-animated comedy film directed by Steve Martino and Mike Thurmeier, starring the voices of Ray Romano, John Leguizamo, Denis Leary, Queen Latifah, Seann William Scott, Josh Peck, Keke Palmer, Chris Wedge, Peter Dinklage, Jennifer Lopez, Drake and Nicki Minaj.

Plot Summary: In “Ice Age: Continental Drift,” Scrat’s nutty pursuit of the cursed acorn, which he’s been after since the dawn of time, has world-changing consequences — a continental cataclysm that triggers the greatest adventure of all for Manny, Diego and Sid. In the wake of these earth-shattering upheavals, Sid reunites with his long lost family, and the gang encounters a ragtag menagerie of colorful new characters determined to stop them from returning home.

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